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The Data ACQuisition SystemTM
driving decisions with data

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Meet the DACQS team.

DACQS is based in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, and is led by:

Steve Williams
Founding Member and Chief Executive Officer

"There is nothing artificial about acquired intelligence."

Steve has enjoyed a successful career creating, building, and managing successful businesses ranging from retail/wholesale commercial businesses, to electronic communications/software development firms. All of which have acquired data in a variety of ways. Serving in leadership roles in a variety of industries, Steve has been both a consumer of data and a technologist transforming data into useful tools. His long and successful history has let him bear witness to the evolution of acquiring and disseminating data. Steve encourages his teams to focus on data, with that outlook that the more data you have the more likely you are to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Mark Lammert
Founding Member and Chief Technology Officer

"Without data all we can do is assume - and we know what that does."

There is science and art to all technology. With a background in technology and communications, Mark has a keen understanding for both the business and the creative side of technology development, frequently noting that one should not exist without the other. Mark has a track record of understanding clients’ unique needs, and developing solutions that achieve specific business-related goals. He understands the data behind the code is an essential component to building successful solutions for businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small non-profit organizations. Mark’s ability to approach new and cutting edge technologies with the wisdom and insight gained from years of experience has enabled his oversight of DACQS to forge ahead successfully.

Leah Shea
Chief Business Development Officer

"Data neutralizes emotion."

With a background in analytics, strategic planning, and business development in both non-profit and for-profit companies, Leah has experience helping organizations develop and execute sustainable growth and performance improvement plans. In her most current role, she is responsible for a centralized survey and analytics function, leveraging internal and external insights to identify improvement opportunities. Leah is excited to help you harness the power of DACQS to meet your business objectives.

Beth Lammert
Chief Marketing Officer

"Leveraging good data changes ‘I think I know,’ to ‘I’m sure I know.’"

Having led large, diverse teams in IT, Marketing, Communications and External Relations, Beth has spent her entire career working in healthcare, for both non-profit hospital systems and multi-national for-profit companies. She successfully implemented a number of software solutions that empowered her colleagues to both manage their business and achieve targeted results. This gives Beth a unique position at DACQs, both providing the marketing knowledge needed to support the team, and often playing the role of the potential client, helping to make the tool better for you.

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