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The Data ACQuisition SystemTM
driving decisions with data

One yearly fee. Unlimited functionality.

DACQS is offered through an annual license in a software as service (SaaS) model. Each license includes an unlimited number of:

  • Users
  • Administrators
  • Survey/Evaluation Forms
  • Campaigns
  • Reporting Periods
  • Responses
  • Reports

We’re there for you.

The DACQS team works with data analytics every day - for a diverse set of organizations. We created the DACQS platform as a solution, to fill a gap in the industry, that our clients desperately needed.

If desired, our team can be there for data analytic, evaulation, and reporting consultation.

Need technical support or to report an issue? Every DACQS license receives US-based email and phone support. We don't use third-party call centers. Many times you will talk directly with a DACQS team member who designed or uses DACQS on a daily basis.

Getting to know your data needs.

When you license DACQS, you receive free training which includes:

  • On-site initial training/setup
  • New administrator training
  • Ongoing training and support materials available online

Acquire your intelligence. Take control of your data.

Request a demo today.

Phone – 314.842.5150
Email –

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