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The Data ACQuisition SystemTM
driving decisions with data

Find answers. Not frustration.

DACQs allows you to collect data from your targeted groups through online data-collection forms that we call “evaluations.” And once you begin to receive data, you are easily able to organize that data into customized reports within DACQS, or export it for use in many third-party analytics tools.

What you see is what you get. No hidden fees... ever.

With your license, you receive unlimited:

  • Users
  • Administrators
  • Survey/Evaluation Forms
  • Campaigns
  • Reporting Periods
  • Responses
  • Reports

The DACQS Dashboard

In the blink of an eye get a status overview and pertinent information on all of your active Evaluations. And, if needed, drill down to get more detailed info in a single click.

DACQS Dashboard Screenshot


In a single interface, manage all aspects of your Administrators and your Participants (those you want to collect data from). Import, export, group, you name it - you can do it all right here.

DACQS Dashboard Screenshot

DACQS Groups

It can be time consuming working with 100’s and 1000’s of Participants. DACQS focuses on efficiency. Take all your Participants and assign them to one or more groups.

DACQS Dashboard Screenshot

DACQS Evaluations

Build clean and straightforward Evalautions for your Participants to complete and submit. Choose from industry-standard question types and customize them when you see fit. DACQS makes the creation process easy for you and the submission process easy for your Participants.

DACQS Dashboard Screenshot

DACQS Reports

Build engaging and straightforward Reports that are concise and easy to read. Choose pre-built reports or customize them when you need to. Visualize your data they way you need it.

DACQS Dashboard Screenshot

DACQS Campaigns/Reporting Periods

Organize and manage your data collection into Campaigns that can be used over and over again with Reporting Periods. Easily define which Participants get what Evalaution and when they get them.

DACQS Dashboard Screenshot

Participant Data Submission

Have DACQS send out email invitations and reminders to your Participants. Each Partcipant gets a custom and unique Evaluation to fill out and submit their data back to you. We know people don’t like filling out surveys. Believe us. That’s why DACQS focuses on the Participant’s experience just as much as yours.

DACQS Dashboard Screenshot

View Collected Report Data

Once your Participant’s start submitting data, view your data with the Reports you built. Easily and quickly choose which Campaigns, which Reporting Periods (you can choose multiple to compare them), which Evaluations, and which Particpatns (you can choose all, or specific groups, or specific individuals). It really can't get much easier than this.

DACQS Dashboard Screenshot

We’re secure. You’re secure.

Every partner using DACQS receives data security in the form of:

  • SSL/TLS encryption
  • Strictly U.S.-based data centers
  • Client-specific databases – your data does not co-exist with other client/organization data
  • Encryption of proprietary data
  • Encryption at rest and encryption in transit

Acquire your intelligence. Take control of your data.

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